Professor Christiansen

Director/Professor Roger S. Christiansen in China

Roger Christiansen is newly named a DeTao Master of Cinematic Arts and has recently lectured at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Fudan University in Shanghai.

“I discovered two perfect identities in me, a director and a teacher.” says Christiansen during interview by Youth Daily in Shanghai. Christiansen has continued his teaching career guest lecturing around the world while actively directing in Hollywood.

Christiansen was also recently interviewed by Shanghai Daily resulting in a cover story entitled Making “Friends” in China. With the rapid growth in China, it is recognized that Hollywood sees opportunities in the Chinese market. Christiansen has been visiting China since 2004 becoming more familiar with their cultural art scene and their desire to make better TV and films.

The DeTao Master classes of Cinematic Arts taught by Christiansen will include instructions in how to construct a good story, production techniques and teach students how to share their creative thoughts with the rest of the world. “Communication is a key element to cultural tolerance,” Christiansen explains.

The DTMA’s Masters Academy’s Business Model seeks to bring creative talent from around the globe and help them train their apprentices, passing on their wisdom through generations. DTMA is dedicated to improving enterprises and institutions and thus contributing to the harmonious development of the society. The concept of the Masters Academy originated in China but aims to have worldwide influence with its unique semi-public, semi-commercial and open business approach. The Cinematic Arts Studio of China’s DeTao Master’s Academy was co-established by DeTao and “Professor” Roger S. Christiansen.